Val d'Orcia

PastaPanarese was established in Val d’Orcia, in the marvellous Tuscan valley, a flourishing land and natural park and also declared a Unesco World Heritage site. This unspoilt valley represents over the centuries the centre par excellence of durum wheat cultivation.
For these reasons, Alessio Panarese has cultivated his dreams, turning his homeland into wheat fields; and carrying out the traditional and artisanal magic of bronze drawing and slow drying at low temperatures.


The clay nature of the soil and its summer aridity provide the durum wheat a high index of proteins and gluten of excellent quality, giving PastaPanarese consistency and pleasant taste.


The highest-grade semolina combines with another raw material of excellence: the water of Vivo d’Orcia aqueduct, flowing at 1000 meters from the ground on Mount Amiata. Two ingredients that make Pasta Panarese an unique product with a truly distinctive Tuscan flavour.

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